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Freeriding is more than just a sport, it is a Feeling of boundless Freedom. More and more skiers and snowboarders dare to venture into the unprepared wilderness, where there are few limits - except for the terrain and individual Abilities. 
Dusty powder and glittering powder snow slopes, the Hochkönig ski region also has a lot to offer when it comes to freeriding. Especially the aber is a Freeriding Hotspot and attracts with numerous ski routes. Perfect for active winter holidaymakers and adventurers!

Freeriding takes place in the open ski area and is associated with natural dangers. Keywords such as avalanche warning level, exposure, slope inclination, snow cover & emergency equipment must be considered. In the classic ski resorts, information is scarce for freeriders.

Not so in Ski area Hochkönig.  Find out more at the Top station of the Aberg gondola lift on Freeride Info Point about the most famous freeride routes on the mountain and the current avalanche danger. The function of the avalanche beep can be checked with the help of a built-in LVS checker. So you are guaranteed to be safely on the move.


The guides of the alpine ski school Markus Hirnböck and Florian Jaccard from will show you the most secret runs and find the best snow for you. In addition there is the newest information about risk management, equipment and rescue. 
Always with you: one training session with the emergency equipment and decision making and risk analysis at the Freeride Info Point at Aberg
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Alpine Ski School Maria Alm
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Florian Jaccard Maria Alm
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The feeling of freedom 

Ski routes are marked, but not prepared routes for freeriders, they are checked for avalanche danger and released accordingly or not.

You will find the following ski routes in the Hochkönig region:
  • Ski route Perme: Piste Nr. 12, Start: Abergalmbahn mountain station
  • Ski route Grießbachhütte: Piste Nr. 17, Start: Abergalmbahn mountain station
  • Ski route Schreinerloch: Piste Nr. 20, Start: Abergalmbahn mountain station
  • Ski route Fasching-Hochmais: Connection from the carnival lifts to the Hochmaisbahn in Hinterthal
  • Ski route Sonnleiten-Hochmais: Connection from the Sonnleiten lift to the Hochmaisbahn in Hinterthal
  • Ski route Fellersbach
  • Knappensteig (High wedge - Bischofshofen)
A freeride day of superlativesin front of the wonderful mountain scenery of the Hochkönig massif including freeride rental equipment and the supervision of a professional guide. Most of the ascents are done with lifts, but for a few slopes you have to climb the mountain yourself with touring skis. The ski and wine meal included in the package at the end of this day tastes all the more well-powdered.
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